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Megyn Kelly warned of ‘curse,’ ends up in middle of battle between Beck and Scarborough

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly found herself in the middle of a bitter feud, and it doesn’t involve her or Donald Trump.

Rather, it involves MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and The Blaze’s Glenn Beck, who have used the rumor that she might consider leaving Fox News at the end of her tenure, to take thinly veiled shots at each other.

Scarborough wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post on Monday where he warned Kelly to avoid the “curse” of Beck, stating she might not experience the same success away from the network as she has on it.

“Beck began gracing the cover of magazines such as Time and Forbes. And soon enough, the man who saw himself as a latter-day version of Walt Disney was raking in tens of millions of dollars a year, was outpacing competitors on multiple media platforms, and, most important for Beck, was controlling a central place in America’s political and cultural zeitgeist,” Scarborough wrote.

“After leaving Fox News in 2011, Beck quickly expanded TheBlaze into a multimedia platform. By 2012, he had signed a deal with Dish TV and reached into over 10 million homes. By 2013, he had expanded his operations in New York and bought a massive facility in Dallas. But the further he moved away from the shadow of the News Corp. empire, the less relevant he became,” he continued claiming Beck’s “business has fallen apart since Beck left Fox News.”

Despite his best effort Beck, and others, didn’t think Scarborough was in a position to give advice to anyone.

Beck responded with a post of his own on Medium.com where he used the guise of writing to Kelly to lambast Scarborough, though he never mentioned him by name.

“There are far worse places you can be,” Beck wrote. “You could do a morning show you don’t own, on a network that no one watches, where your opinion is controlled and dismissed. Imagine how that must feel. Sad.”

“I am an incredibly imperfect messenger, but at least I don’t have to become a “supporter” of a candidate for ratings as they shower me with inauthentic praise and promises. Or, even worse, pretend to support a candidate (while pretending I don’t), just to keep the candidate coming on my show to inch (literally) up my ratings.

“Oof. So very sad,” he added.

Kelly might want to start selling tickets.

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