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Megyn Kelly’s NY focus group EXPLODES: Animated blond takes on pro-Trumpers . . . with her hands

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A focus group exploded into a shouting match on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Friday over Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz.

The group was discussing Tuesday’s New York Republican primary when one of the panelists, a very animated blond woman, compared Trump to President Obama.

“For the last seven and a half years as Republicans and conservatives we’ve all complained about how Obama had no platform, he had no policy and he’s a danger to American national security,” the woman, a Cruz supporter, said. “Trump is literally the parallel on the right side of what Obama is.”

The woman went on to praise Ted Cruz for fighting for conservatives causes in the Senate.

“If he really accomplished so much how come he’s not winning?” another group member asked her of Cruz.

The group really erupted after that comment.

Watch below.

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