Jesse Watters caught in melee as angry mob attacks lone Trump supporter

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A Trump supporter was accosted by anti-Trump protesters in New York City and it was caught on video.

The man was donned in a red “Make America Great Again” Trump hat and a sandwich board that advertised shooting classes. “Learn how to defend yourself. Learn how to protect your family,” the Trump supporter told the crowd.

The confrontation started when he was pushed and shoved by two of the “peaceful” protesters, while one kept his hands raised to insinuate that he wasn’t being aggressive.

Eventually, the Trump supporter had enough and began to push back which led to other protesters jumping in making the confrontation even more heated. The situation got really intense as the mob closed in, with several people grabbing and pushing the Trump supporter, until a police officer arrived on the scene.

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly was wondering where Jesse Watters was when he was supposed to be reporting live from the protests.

[wpvideo rkLOtPgE]


Bill, we found him for you. Watters was caught on video near the end of the intense scene.

Jesse Watters

Watters came on to describe what he had seen and then showed a clip of him talking to protesters who didn’t seem to have much of an idea why they were protesting.

[wpvideo vqZGI3Fu]

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