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Lib Ron Howard’s actor brother supports THIS GOP candidate, NOT ‘bitter old Grandma’ Hillary

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Actor Clint Howard, brother of outspoken liberal actor and director Ron Howard, does not share his brother’s view of politics.

In an interview this week with The Daily Beast Howard said he is supporting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president.

“There are a couple of fundamental points about the Constitution and liberty, both what it means to have it and what it means to live with it,” he explained. “He has those values that I appreciate. I would like to see the country turn towards a conservative direction, under conservative leadership,” he told the Beast. “I don’t necessarily agree with everything Ted stands for, but I think that’s the direction.”

He even went to Iowa to do some work for Cruz.

“I went to the Iowa caucuses,” he said. “I went more as a boost for the campaign. The volunteers all wanted selfies. I went and did the phones for a few minutes, and I actually got a guy on the phone – which, if you’ve done phone work, which I have with no cameras around, it’s answering machine after answering machine. Finally when you get a guy on the phone – and he said he was a Ted Cruz supporter – it was like catching a foul ball in the stands!”

Howard lamented how important looks are in politics which he thinks will be an issue for Hillary Clinton.

“When they look at her I believe what they’re going to see is a photograph of a bitter old grandma,” he told the Beast. “Eight years ago I don’t believe that would have been the narrative. But I don’t think she can help it. I don’t think she can put on enough makeup to change people’s perception of her.”

Despite their political differences Clint said he and his brother still get along fine.

“We always end our conversations, as contentious as they may be, with ‘I love you, brother,’” he said. “He has a different way of looking at things. Listen, Ron’s my older brother. I’ve learned you can’t change somebody’s mind.”

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h/t: Mediaite.

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