RNC Chairman Priebus hits Sunday shows to clear things up, says new candidate ‘highly, highly unlikely’

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Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus believes that when the smoke clears Republican candidates will back the party’s nominee.

I personally think that these folks are posturing,” he told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday. “I think they want to be loyal to the party. I think they will be loyal to the party.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus responds to doubts about whether the GOP candidates will support the eventual nominee: “I personally think that these folks are posturing…I think they will be loyal to the party.” Who do you want to win the Presidency? For the full interview, tune into the Fox News Channel @ 2pm & 6pm EST.

Posted by Fox News Sunday on Sunday, April 3, 2016

He said “it’s about the people out there and respecting the voices of the folks both in the states and on the floor of the convention.”

Priebus told Wallace that all of the candidates signed an agreement to back the nominee when they were given voter data from the RNC.

“It’s a data exchange agreement with the RNC,” he said. “One of the thing we say is ‘look we’ll give you these things but you have to agree that you’re going to support the party and the eventual nominee. They’ve all agreed to that.”

He added that the idea of someone other than the three current candidates becoming the nominee is possible.

Rules do allow for that to occur, but Priebus made it clear on CNN earlier that he didn’t think that would happen and that the nominee would be someone who is running.

While some have expressed doubt that Donald Trump could secure a victory in the general election Priebus told “Meet The Press” that he has no such reservations.

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