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Not again, Ben! People start to wonder if Carson’s Trump endorsement is really ‘most epic troll ever’

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Donald Trump should start thinking about keeping “supporter” Ben Carson away from microphones and cameras.

Weeks after Carson implied that he would have preferred to endorse someone else and that Trump might have offered him a future position, the world-renowned neurosurgeon stuck his foot in his mouth, again.

In an interview with billionaire businessman, radio host and former candidate for New York City mayor John Catsimatidis, Carson praised Trump for being a good family man and a successful businessman but, like everyone, he isn’t perfect.

Not bad so far…until…

“Nobody believes in the government anymore. Everybody believes that we are weak, we are weak on the world stage, we are not doing things that make sense economically. And he’s probably the person who is most likely to do that,” he told Catsimatidis. “Are there better people? Probably.”

No exactly the ringing endorsement one would want from a campaign surrogate and social media had a field day with it.

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