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CNN’s Don Lemon butchers bill in blatant spin: ‘Religious liberty’ just code for discrimination

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CNN’s Don Lemon was in full social justice warrior mode on Friday calling out the “dangers” of a new religious freedom bill in Mississippi.

He started off the segment by saying that “it is being called the worst anti-LGBT bill yet.”

By who Don? You? Way to start the segment off with the deck stacked.

Not done, Lemon confronted Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council who was on hand to attempt to bring some clarity on the proposed law and its actual implications to the audience.

“How is this bill different from anything you have seen before? Let’s put it up here, though, because it says marriage is between a man and woman — that’s what it says — sexual relations are reserved to marriage; and gender is determined at birth. How is this different than anything we’ve seen before?” Lemon asked, completely misrepresenting what the bill actually says.

Sprigg explained that the bill does not target gays and lesbians as Lemon, who is himself gay, had suggested.

“If you read the bill, it’s not saying that those things are true. It’s saying that those are the beliefs that have to be protected against government discrimination; because those are the beliefs that are being targeted for government discrimination now, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision,” Sprigg explained.

Lemon ignored the correction and addressed his next guest Rob Hill of the “Human Rights Committee” asking him if religious liberty was “just a code for discrimination.”

Hill, also openly gay, agreed with Lemon that the it was a code.

Which, of course, is a blatant mischaracterization but Lemon wasn’t really interested in presenting facts.

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Carmine Sabia


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