Rove says to beat Hillary, GOP should nominate ‘fresh face’ – ditch Trump, Cruz, and Kasich

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Why not just draw a name out of a hat?

Karl Rove thinks the Republican Party might be better off with a nominee for president that isn’t even running.

The man former President George W. Bush called the “architect” of his reelection victory appeared on the “Hugh Hewitt Show” and said the party might be better off if it disenfranchised millions of voters and picked someone other than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich to battle Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

“If we have somebody who we think has, has been battle tested, and has strong conservative principles and the ability to articulate them, and they are nominated at this convention, there will be a lot of acrimony from the people who were seeking the nomination. But if it’s somebody who has, you know, has those convictions that they can express in a compelling way, we could come out of the convention in relatively strong position,” Rove told Hewitt.

“Donald Trump excites a lot of enthusiasm,” he continued. “But he also excites a lot of anger within the Republican Party and outside of the Republican Party. And a fresh face might be the thing that could give us a chance to turn this election and win in November against Hillary.”

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