Obama, ‘are you dumb?’ Cuban state media excoriates president after historic visit

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A state-run Cuban newspaper has added insult to injury for President Obama following his trip to the communist island nation.

The article that appeared in The Havana Tribune was titled “Negro, ¿Tu Eres Sueco?” which, according to Breitbart, translates to “Black Man, Are You Dumb?” and followed a scathing assessment of the president’s visit by former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“Obama came, saw, but unfortunately, with the pretend gesture of lending a hand, tried to conquer,” author Elias Argudín, who is also black, wrote while chastising Obama for meeting with pro-democracy groups.

“[Obama] chose to criticize and subtly suggest … incitations to rebellion and disorder, without caring that he was on foreign ground. Without a doubt, Obama overplayed his hand,” he wrote. “The least I can say is, Virulo-style: ‘Negro, are you dumb?’”

Argudín accused the U.S. of being a racist nation and mocked Obama’s efforts to call for freedom for Cubans.

“Which freedom–the freedom enjoyed by white police to massacre and manhandle black people?” he asked.

The article received backlash from some Cuban-Americans which prompted Argudín to issue an apology. He also said his critics misunderstood the article.

“It is not necessary to be an advanced reader to note: I did not write a racist column,” he asserted. “The word “negro” is mentioned twice, in the title and the phrase giving the article its name, which isn’t even mine. It is a reference to a comedy work. Journalism has its rules. It also allows some licenses. Among the demands of the job there is a very important one: capture the reader’s attention from the title.”

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Carmine Sabia


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