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Allah-praising ringleader, Baltimore thugs threaten Trump’s life in video rap

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A group of Baltimore thugs led by a self-proclaimed Muslim released a video making death threats against Donald Trump.

The video titled “Donald Trump Anthem” was covered by conservative author and activist Mark Dice who deciphered the words used in the rap and their meaning.

“We got a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump,” the group raps in the video.


Using Urban Dictionary, Dice explained the word “chopper” is slang for an AK47.

The rap goes on to proclaim they want to give Trump “a hundred round drum,” a reference to a hundred round drum of bullets, Dice explained.

In another line, they said, “you keep on playing … you catch these hollows,” a nod to hollow-point bullets.

Dice named the ringleader of this group as AbDel Ibrahim, whose Twitter profile reads “All praise be to Allah,” and who has also called for the early release of his friend Tyshawn Francis who is in jail on murder charges.

The rapper even retweeted a video of another person playing his song and pulling a gun out of the trunk of his car while rapping some of the lyrics.

Ibrahim tweeted about his video and how many tweets it was getting, but apparently was not happy about being outed by Dice, and lashed out at him on his Twitter page.


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Carmine Sabia


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