Sheriff Arpaio will police Arizona Trump rally; ‘going to be a lot of fun taking care of business’

Sheriff Joe ArpaioThings could get very interesting as Sheriff Joe Arpaio is set to host and provide security for a Donald Trump rally in Arizona on Saturday.

“Here I’m gonna be kinda wearing two hats — in charge of the security there in the town and also participating, I would imagine, with Trump in the rally, so it makes it interesting,” the Maricopa County sheriff told POLITICO.

It “is going to be a lot of fun taking care of business there,” he added.

Arpaio has been the target of massive protests against his strict enforcement of immigration laws so, he said, he is prepared to face the expected protesters Saturday.

“I’ve had demonstrations against me constantly,” the sheriff said. “He hasn’t had that many demonstrators compared to me.”

It has become the new normal for Trump rallies to have protesters purporting to be peaceful but then clashing with supporters and police.

Such was the case at a Utah rally on Friday night where protesters tore down security checkpoints and got violent.

“They always repeat little minor things, what he said in the rally ‘oh you gotta carry him out on a stretcher, blah, blah, blah,’” Arpaio told POLITICO. “I just thought that when you have a rally, you’re supposed to rally people and kind of say things that are exciting.”

The man affectionately known by supporters as “America’s toughest sheriff” told POLITICO he has endorsed several Republican candidates in years past but this one has him more excited.

“This is probably one of the endorsements that I’ve really been excited about because of the nature of his character and being different. So I’m getting more, you know, it’s very exciting compared to all the people that ask for my endorsement,” he said. “This one I got a little special excitement.”

Carmine Sabia


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