Chicago lawmaker’s daughter charged in gruesome staple gun attack on mom’s rival

*Warning* graphic photo.

Politics can be brutal business but rarely does it get this violent.

Then again, when it’s Chicago, all bets are off.

The daughter of a Chicago lawmaker has been arrested and charged with a vicious assault on her mother’s political rival that included using a staple gun on his forehead.

Jessica Soto, 26, daughter of Illinois state Representative Cynthia Soto, along with 26-year-old Bradley Fichter were charged with three counts of aggravated battery against Soto’s primary opponent Robert Zwolinski on March 6, the New York Post reported.

According to police Zwolinski was hit with a bottle and a metal object, purported to be the staple gun used to staple his head.

Zwolinski Soto

Zwolinski, who posted photos of his injuries on the night of the alleged assault, said while he was on the ground fighting the man the younger Soto was yelling “This is Soto’s territory! This isn’t your territory.”

Frank Avila, an attorney for the pair, said Zwolinski started the fight and suggested he might have stapled his own head for attention.

Carmine Sabia


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