Chelsea lets cat out of the bag! Says mom will cover illegals under Obamacare

In a startling moment of truthfulness Chelsea Clinton revealed something that should scare every American.

According to Chelsea, if her mother is elected, Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, would provide healthcare under ObamaCare to millions of illegal aliens.

During an event for Clinton in Salt Lake City an unidentified man asked the former first daughter about people waiting for immigration reform who have no healthcare.

“She does not believe that while we are working towards comprehensive immigration reform we should make people wait, like the families you are talking about,” she said. “Which is why she thinks it’s so important to extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living and working here, regardless of immigration status, regardless of citizenship status.

Translation: American taxpayers will be footing the bill for the health care for illegal immigrants.

Carmine Sabia


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