Video: College debate students argue only answer to ‘white privilege’ is white suicide

West Georgia University students made waves by declaring that white people who really want to eliminate white privilege should start by killing themselves.

Miguel Felician and Damiyr Davis were engaged in a debate at Harvard University with fellow West Georgia students when Felician made the suggestion.

When a white student asked Felician if he ought to kill himself, he replied affirmatively, reported.

“White life is wrong,” he said in the video posted to YouTube. “Our argument is that we should never affirm white life. White life is based off black subjugation.”

The white student suggested that he would be better off alive fighting against white privilege but Felician disagreed.

“Struggling against the structure means putting yourself on the line, putting your body on the line, do it. Affirmative suicide, that’s cool, it’s one little step in the right direction,” he said.

The pro-genocide team are seasoned debaters who placed second at the 2013 Cross-Examination Debate Association Nationals.

Felician is also an instructor at the Coppin State University’s Eddie Conway Liberation Institute, named for a Black Panther who served 44 years in prison for the murder of a police officer.

The craziest part about the debate is, it was supposed to be about renewable energy.

Perhaps it might alert some white social justice warriors who want to fight against what they call “white privilege” as to what the end game is.

Carmine Sabia


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