Hillary says Trump’s inciting violence; conjuring up ‘lynching’ memories deep within ‘the DNA’

When it comes to the race card, Hillary Clinton carries platinum.

The Democratic presidential front-runner appeared at a town hall event on MSNBC and told moderator Chris Matthews that Donald Trump is “inciting mob violence” that harkens back to the days of lynch mobs.


“When you are inciting mob violence, which is what Trump is doing, there’s a lot of memories that people have. They’re in the DNA,” she told Matthews.

“People remember mob violence that lead to lynching, people remember mob violence that lead to people being shot, being grabbed, being mistreated. And it’s something that has a deep, almost psychological resonance to people who have ever been in any position of feeling somewhat fearful, somewhat worried.”

Social media was not kind to her.

Carmine Sabia


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