Accused killer escapes jail, holds young family hostage, until mom finds her gun

An accused killer picked the wrong family to hold hostage.

Rafael Arnez McCloud, who escaped from a Mississippi jail last week, approached the homeowner at about 4 a.m. Thursday and forced a father and his 5-year-old son inside the house with him, according to CNN.

McCloud bound the man, his son and the man’s wife and locked them in the bathroom for hours.

At some point during the ordeal, McCloud let the woman leave the bathroom, a move which would lead to his undoing.

The woman returned with a handgun, shot McCloud, and then freed her husband and child.

“The wife returned with a handgun and fired one shot believing to strike McCloud. After the husband’s bonds were cut by the wife, the husband took control of the weapon and fired additional shots striking McCloud,” according to police. “The family then ran outside and flagged a motorist and asked them to call 911.”

The husband was treated for non-life threatening injuries after the ordeal.

“This is certainly not the outcome that we wanted. Our goal was to capture him safely and have him stand trial for the criminal charges he was in jail for. I am relieved that the family this morning was not injured more seriously than they were,” Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace told reporters.

Vicksburg Police Capt. Sandra Williams praised the family for their heroic actions.

“There’s no telling how many lives were saved,” she told reporters.

Carmine Sabia


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