Pathetic NY Times uses 3 paragraphs of Nancy Reagan obit for THIS?

While celebrities and politicians from all ends of the political spectrum pay tribute to the late, great Nancy Reagan the New York Times decided instead to include a mini hit piece on her husband with its coverage.

For three paragraphs the Times decided it was appropriate, on the day Mrs. Reagan passed, to take shots at the beloved conservative icon former President Ronald Reagan and the Iran Contra affair.

Mrs. Reagan helped hire and fire the political consultants who ran her husband’s near-miss campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 and his successful campaign for the presidency in 1980. She played a seminal role in the 1987 ouster of the White House chief of staff, Donald T. Regan, whom Mrs. Reagan blamed for ineptness after it was disclosed that Mr. Reagan had secretly approved arms sales to Iran.

Behind the scenes, Mrs. Reagan was the prime mover in Mr. Reagan’s efforts to recover from the scandal, which was known as Iran-contra because some of the proceeds from the sale had been diverted to the contras opposing the leftist government of Nicaragua. While trying to persuade her stubborn husband to apologize for the arms deal, Mrs. Reagan brought political figures into the White House, among them the Democratic power broker Robert S. Strauss, to argue her case to the president.

Mr. Reagan eventually conceded that she was right. On March 4, 1987, the president made a distanced apology for the arms sale in a nationally televised address that dramatically improved his slumping public approval ratings.

It’s been a rough week for the Times, with criticism hitting it for its refusal to investigate how an off the record conversation with Donald Trump on illegal immigration was leaked.

Social media excoriated the left-wing beacon on Sunday for its skewed coverage of the former first lady’s passing.

Carmine Sabia


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