New drinking game? How many times will Rubio call Trump ‘world-class con artist’ before election’s done?

Marco RubioDespite a rough night on Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio has vowed to press on.

After most of the results came in, Rubio appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier to discuss the viability of his campaign in the face of only winning one state.

The Florida senator said that people usually ask for everyone to rally around the front-runner for the good of the party but “they’re saying the opposite. They’re saying we have to stop Donald Trump, who’s a world-class con artist.”

And Rubio must really want that charge to stick because he repeated the phrase “world-class con artist” several times during the 10 minute interview.

The senator insisted that because his campaign wasn’t built around winning big on Super Tuesday he was actually in a better position going forward than Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has won three states in total.

But, as Kelly pointed out, polls show Rubio trailing Donald Trump by more than 20 points in Florida, the senator’s home state.

“When we get to the winner-take-all state of this election, those states are good for us and what we’re fighting for,” he told Kelly, noting that he didn’t believe the current poll numbers in Florida. “And that’s when we’re really going to take off and get to 1,237 [delegates].”

And he will continue campaigning even if he loses his home state.

“I will campaign in all 50 states, even if I have to get in my pick-up truck and drive all over this country,” he said. “We’ll do whatever it takes to prevent a con artist like Donald Trump from ever being the Republican nominee.”

Watch below.

Carmine Sabia


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