Goldman Sachs employee tied to Trump-inspired ‘Make Christianity Great Again’ hats gets put on leave

Make Christianity Great AgainWhat’s the quickest way to get sacked from Goldman Sachs?

Donate to Donald Trump.

Luke Thorburn, who works in the wealth management division and is tied to a website that created “Make Christianity Great Again” hats (a take on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” catchphrase), has been placed on paid administrative leave from the company, according to the New York Times.

As claimed in the report, Thorburn filed a trademark for the pro-Christian catchphrase in January.

Thorburn has since distanced himself from the hat-selling company that Goldman Sachs used as an excuse to fire him, citing company rules that prohibit an employee from running a business outside of work without permission.

But it just so happens that Thorburn was featured in a Times article on Feb. 23, which acknowledged he donated two times to the Trump campaign totaling $534.58, and mentioned his “Make Christianity Great Again” hats.

The piece identified him as the only Goldman Sachs employee that had donated to the Trump campaign.

Less than a week later, Thorburn found himself on leave.

An interesting coincidence.

Carmine Sabia


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