MSNBC officially dumps race-baiting Melissa Harris-Perry; more fallout from her embarrassing tantrum

Melissa Harris-Perry has been let go from MSNBC, or, as they say in the business, “they parted ways.”

Rumors began circulating Sunday that the cable network would be issuing a statement later in the day officially cutting ties with the controversial host after her public temper tantrum on Saturday.

That information was also confirmed by an MSNBC spokesman who said the station would be “parting ways” with the host, according to CNNMoney.

Harris-Perry circulated an email to co-workers Saturday saying that she would not be doing her show this weekend after weeks of it being pre-empted for 2016 election coverage.

In the email Harris-Perry played the race card, as she regularly does on her show, against MSNBC, insisting she wouldn’t be used as a”token, mammy, or little brown bobble head,” though in a later interview with the New York Times she walked back the racial component.

But now the split looks to be official and permanent judging by Harris-Perry’s tweets on Sunday.

Harris Perry also confirmed the split to CNNMoney on Sunday.

Harris-Perry’s MSNBC contract expires in October.

“All negotiations are occurring with third parties,” Harris-Perry said in a statement to CNNMoney on Sunday morning. “I am not personally in direct communication with anyone employed with MSNBC.”

She added, “The goal of the negotiation at this point is to determine the terms of severance, not reconciliation.”

Guess she played the race card one too many times.

Carmine Sabia


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