‘I love having men at my feet!’ Hillary has a laugh crashing party; could anyone else get away with it?

Imagine the uproar if Donald Trump ever said this.

Hillary Clinton walked in on a groom’s wedding brunch Friday in Charleston, South Carolina, ahead of the state’s Democrat primary vote and decided to treat the revelers to a group photo with her.

“He’s getting married today!” she told a member of her staff, the Daily Mail reported. “That’s pretty exciting.”

She also had her eye on the liquid refreshment one of the men was drinking.

Hillary Clinton
Photo credit Melina Mara/The Washington Post.

“That looks like a really good Bloody Mary,” she said.

But it was the comment she made as the groom, Joe Shrek, and his groomsmen gathered around the former secretary of state Clinton and her campaign cameraman directed some of the men to kneel in front of Clinton to fit everyone in the shot.

“I love having men at my feet,” Clinton said as the men gathered around.

If Trump, or any Republican candidate for that matter, said that about women, the mainstream media would be having a feeding frenzy.

Carmine Sabia


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