Trump crashes Glenn Beck event at Nevada caucus site; steals the crowd, no regrets

Ted Cruz supporter Glenn Beck found out firsthand that Trumpmania is real when he was interrupted by the Republican presidential front-runner during a speech at a Nevada caucus site Tuesday.

Beck was singing the praises of Cruz when suddenly, just as he was wrapping up his speech at Palo Verde High School, the billionaire real estate mogul walked in and all attention diverted.

It was pandemonium, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show was broadcasting live when it all took place. An aerial shot shows a sizable portion of the crowd presumably rushing towards Trump.

Trump went on to speak to MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff, and praised Maddow for her charts.

He also took the opportunity to lace into Cruz and take a swipe at Hillary Clinton when Soboroff asked about what he thought her chances were in South Carolina.

“Hillary looks like she’s going to be very successful if she’s allowed to run, we have to find out if she’s allowed to run,” he said.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday Trump said he didn’t interrupt Beck on purpose but he seemed really happy it worked out the way it did.

“When I walked in I saw that he was at the podium, and there were thousands of people in the room, not too many listening to him,” Trump told the hosts. “He’s not a very good guy to listen to, frankly. He’s boring.”

He described how the crowd flocked to him as soon as he walked in.

“They all ran away from him, his whole crowd, and he was standing up there talking to nobody, and he steamed out of the room,” he said. “And I didn’t do it on purpose, but I happened to be there, and we had such — I bet you 95 percent of the people in that room, in that particular area were with us.”

Carmine Sabia


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