Furious Miami police union to boycott Beyoncé concert; used ‘Super Bowl to divide Americans’

Beyonce Superbowl 50
Screenshot via the National Football League.

Beyoncé proved at Super Bowl 50 that she isn’t a big fan of the police, and as it turns out, the feeling is now mutual.

The superstar’s performance during the halftime show, where she and her backup dancers paid tribute to the Black Panthers while singing her new hit “Formation,” a shout out the Black Lives Matter movement, did not sit well with many in law enforcement.

Now, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police is firing back by boycotting her April 27 concert in the city.

“The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her anti-police message shows how she does not support law enforcement,” Miami FOP President Javier Ortiz said in a statement. “We ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of her concerts.”

“While Beyoncé physically saluted the 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers movement at the Super Bowl, I salute NYPD Officer Richard Rainey, who succumbed to his injuries on February 16, 2016 from being shot by two Black Panthers who he had pulled over in a traffic stop,” the statement continued. “I also salute the dozens of law enforcement officers that have been assassinated by members of the Black Panthers.”

“We ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of her concerts.”

On his Facebook page, the FOP president called on all law enforcement officers across the country to refuse to work Beyoncé’s events.

It’s not the first time Ortiz has found himself in the news lately.

Earlier this month, he publicly shamed a woman, Claudia Castillo, who pulled over a cop for speeding by posting her name, phone number and pictures of her drinking and driving a boat.

And Ortiz and the Miami police are not alone in not wanting to work for Beyoncé, according to Fox 13.

The Tampa Police Department still does not have the performer’s April 29 show at Raymond James Stadium fully staffed.

Union President Vincent Gericitano told Fox 13 that several of his officers have expressed a dislike for the star’s actions at the Super Bowl.

But Steve Hegarty, a spokesman for the Tampa Police Department, said he still expects the event to be fully staffed when the time comes.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if Beyoncé’s concerts are indeed boycotted by police officers.

Perhaps then Beyoncé can hire Black Lives Matter to work her security detail.

Carmine Sabia


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