Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden shocks host Stuart Varney when he shares THIS truth about women in combat

Screenshot via Fox Business Network.
Screenshot via Fox Business Network.

The former Navy SEAL who said he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden is keeping his mind open to having women become SEALS, with one caveat.

Rob O’Neill told a stunned Stuart Varney that he had no problem with women in SEAL combat missions if they can pass the rigorous training.

“I’ve operated with woman,” he told Varney. “We use them a lot for some of the searching of women and children, cultural sensitivity type stuff.”

O’Neill gave Varney a fantastic reason for using women on the type of missions that nab someone like bin Laden.

“I know these Islamic fighters, they don’t fear death, but they do fear Hell, and if they are killed by women, they go to Hell as far as they know,” he said. “So, I like to say, lock and load, ladies.”

With one major “but.”

“If they don’t lower the standards and they pass them, I think they should get a shot,” he said.

Still, Varney couldn’t wrap his mind around women in those types of military roles and conceded that he knew he was “on dangerous ground” in saying it.

“I think men have a sort of hunter-gatherer mentality. They go out and break things and kill people,” he said.

O’Neill said he could see Varney’s point, and added that some of his SEAL friends have expressed similar concerns, but reiterated that if the standards are not lowered, women ought to have the same opportunity as men. But he wasn’t confident that would be the case.

“The tendency will be to lower the standards to try to get the politically correct thing going,” he said.

Watch the interview below.

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