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Valentine’s Day proposal prank – that’s not funny!

Photo credit Brad Holmes.
Photo credit Brad Holmes.

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An Englishman surprised his girlfriend with a proposal, of sorts, on Valentine’s Day.

Brad Holmes, 24, fell to one knee in front of his girlfriend Jenny Davies, 22, and told her how happy she makes him.

Like most women in that situation, Davies became emotional as she awaited the proposal that she thought was coming.

Holmes then pulled out a white box from his pocket, opened it, and said the words all women want to hear …”Will you make me a cup of tea?”

Davies stormed out of the room cursing at Holmes, but according to what he told the Daily Mail, the couple has since kissed and made up.

“I grovelled for a bit and played it back to her and she saw the funny side,” he told the Mail. “I got my cup of tea within 15 to 20 minutes.”

Davies said she believed it would be a proposal because Holmes told her he would propose this year.

Watch the prank below.


So I popped the big question today..

Posted by Brad’s Dad on Sunday, February 14, 2016

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