NBC scrubs Chuck Todd’s remark after Reagan – Scalia comparison

NBC got caught in some strategic editing when it erased a muffled remark made by Chuck Todd to Ted Cruz.

On Sunday, Cruz appeared on “Meet The Press” and compared the impact of deceased Justice Antonin Scalia to that of former President Ronald Reagan.

When he made the comparison, Todd could be heard responding. Some listeners heard “Oh God,” while others heard, “no doubt.”

Mediaite reported on the remark on Sunday.  Monday, when the clip was re-aired on MSNBC, the comment had been scrubbed.

Neither NBC nor MSNBC have commented.

Listen to both videos below. The first has enhanced audio so Todd’s comment can be heard more clearly.

chuck todd enhanced – oh god? no doubt? by tommyxtopher

The second modified clip below aired on Monday.

MSNBC Scrubs Clip of Chuck Todd’s Reaction to… by tommyxtopher

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