Trump vehemently defends his ‘best’ debate performance yet

Donald Trump Face The Nation 2Despite being showered with boos at the Republican presidential debate Saturday Donald Trump said he thought it was his “best performance.”

“They say I won many of the debates. I thought this might have been my best performance. The interesting thing, is I was being hit on all sides,” he told John Dickerson in an interview taped just after the debate. “I think it was probably my best performance.”

Following up on his talking points at the debate he insinuated President George W. Bush could have prevented 9/11.

“The CIA said there was lot of information that something like that was going to happen,” Trump said. “His CIA knew about things happening. — When Jeb gets up and says we were safe under his brother, we weren’t safe. First of all his brother got us into the war in Iraq which is one of the worst catastrophes ever. There were no weapons of mass destruction. The World Trade Center came down during his reign so you can’t say that we were safe under his reign when World Trade Center comes down and the CIA said something that was going to happen.”

Dickerson accused Trump of using the Democrat talking points but Trump continued to attack the Iraq war and blamed Bush for the current Syrian immigration crisis which he said is the result of the war.

“We would have been so much better off if Bush and the rest of them went to the beach and didn’t do anything. If you had Saddam Hussein, he was a bad guy and all of that, but he made a living off killing terrorists. Now if you want to become a terrorist you go to Iraq. That’s like the Harvard of terrorism,” Trump said.

Watch the entire interview below.

Carmine Sabia


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