SLAM! Sheriff Clarke destroys Beyonce’s racist halftime show with one powerful question

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke lashed out at supporters of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance with one poignant question.

“Would that be acceptable if a band, a white band, came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion?” he asked Jo Ling Kent on Fox Business Network’s “Risk and Reward” on Monday. “We would be appalled and outraged.”

Clarke is the latest to attack the performance, deemed racist and anti-police by some, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Others are even planning a protest of the singer outside of the NFL’s headquarters in New York.

Several social media users agreed with Clarke’s comparison, too.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


42 thoughts on “SLAM! Sheriff Clarke destroys Beyonce’s racist halftime show with one powerful question

  1. David Tierney says:

    I would truly be shocked if any white person or actually anyone of any race other than black, purchased any of her recordings or went to her concerts.
    You would have to be a fool because you know that she hates white people.
    Why would you give her another dime?

    1. Tiger says:

      I agree but remember there are millions of ignorant Whites in America and “Stupid” knows no color or Race.

      1. David Tierney says:

        You are so right. It was wishfull thinking on my part.
        The sad part is blacks could not care lesss for those of other races who support their so-called cause.

        1. Tiger says:

          I know. Time is going to sort this out.

          1. David Tierney says:

            Hey Tiger, we have 11 more months of Obama and if we end up with another Democrat, we are pretty much doomed.
            Time is running out.
            Hopefully we can survive.
            If not, I’ll see you on the other side.

          2. Tiger says:

            David I have seen the other side of the veil my heart stopped three times, paddled back not so bad over there kid, I didn’t want to come back.

            Yes dear on that other side where He waits for us and there are many mansions in His Fathers house. ;p

          3. David Tierney says:

            Sorry to hear that your loved ones almost lost you. But glad that you’re back.

          4. Tiger says:

            Thank you it was a good journey and I don’t fear death. My daughter either had an experience that changed her life. There is something waiting for us David and it is better than this life and if a sinner like me who tries to keep scales balanced is welcome there then so is most of mankind.

          5. David Tierney says:

            I’ve always thought that there is something waiting for us and I’ve also heard some stories. It’s good to hear more and get more confirmation. I’m not looking forward to passing on but I’ve had no fear of passing for many years now.
            I suffered a heart attack just before Halloween and I was not affraid whatsoever.
            Being that I converted to Catholicism over 30 years ago, I have had conversations with many who briefly passed to the other side. Some with clarity, some with confusion but most with hope and understanding.
            Best wishes Tiger, I really do hope we meet each other on the other side.
            You are a great conversationalist.

          6. Tiger says:

            When this happened to me I started working with patients who were dying. I felt I could give them something through my experience. I would work every Holiday and I would ask for those dying. Amazingly enough I found that most nurses and even doctors don’t like to deal with the Crossing Over.

            One Christmas I had a patient, a man who had not spoken for sometime and was slowly slipping away. I went into the room, spoke to him and was wrapping blankets on him when he said is this Christmas? I said yes. He said am I dying? I said yes. He said why am I so cold, I said it is part of this process but I am with you and I will get more blankets. He said don’t leave. So I sat on the bed next to him and held him. The doctor came in and asked what I was doing. I told him the patient knew he was dying and I promised to stay with him during and the doctor sat on the bed also and caressed this man. We watched as the man talked to us telling us what he was feeling. He had a welcoming committee on the other side just as we all do and he passed peacefully and surrounded by our love.

            Heart Attacks are a warning for sure and someone like you handles them so much better than none believers. But at the hour of death everyone is a believer. I don’t know if it is because of the welcoming committee or what but they do. I only witnessed two horrible deaths. Each man filthy rich and refused to die and they really went down hard.

            I thank you for the compliment I needed this conversation I have been going back and forth with a very vile couple and I fear I lowered myself to their level but found myself again this morning and not going there anymore.

            I feel sure the Other Side of the Veil is filled with wonderful people like you and if I make it to your level I will be Blessed indeed.

          7. David Tierney says:

            Good morjing Tiger, that is a beautiful story. I only wish that when I pass, I have someone like you by my side. I also hope that you have someone by your side as you pass to a higher place or calling.
            Nurses have been known as Angels of Mercy and you are certainly an Angel.
            I know I will face you in the future and we will discuss this phenomenon to a higher degree. I know that we will have nothing but time when that time comes. May God Bless you and yours.
            Thank you kindly, I needed this.

          8. Tiger says:

            Ahhh so sweet funny thing happens to me when I put that nursing uniform on my compassion and mercy level for everyone, regardless if they just crawled off the street is sky high.

            I am no angel in my life, many sins in my closet but I Fear the Almighty and his wrath so keep my scales balanced. I do know this when I am judged the one thing I will get an A in is that I touched everyone I took care of with earnest love.

            I needed you more today than you me believe me. Thank you David.

          9. David Tierney says:

            My closet is so full of skeletons that the door won’t close completely.
            However I too will get at least one A. That should be in humanity. Being a big guy I would always defend the underdog especially those being bullied. I can pat myself on the back and proudly say, “I’ve never been a “bully”. I have ended bullying in many instances and am always ready to lend a hand.
            I’ve raised two beautiful, strong, capable girls who have become able bodied women that I know have God in their heart along with caring, sympathy and generousity, love and understanding. I could not be more proud.
            My only fear is that when I do pass that they have another protector to step up and be there quardian Angel.
            I believe that they are more than able to care for themselves but I do worry just the same.
            That is my number one issue to a fault. I worry too much. Which is probably why I had my heart attack.
            Regardless, my faith does get me through the day.
            Tiger, you have a great day. I am feeling better already.
            Chat with you again, I hope.

          10. Tiger says:

            You worrying about your children will never cease, no true parents doe. If our children not happy, healthy and doing well we are unhappy.

            Very wonderful words describing these young ladies and with those qualities they can’t help but succeed. ;p

            Yes worry is a number one reason for many illnesses. You have done a great job as a parent, you have led a good life and you have a good report card. Keep that faith that all will be well and let it go. You did your part. That is what I finally learned to do. I raised my children on my own I know what it is to worry about paying the bills, being able to afford the cars and clothes, buying the food and paying for the house, then what it is to wake-up in a sweat from head to toe and angina grabbing my chest because I lost my job.

            It is tough being a man and boy I learned that the hard way. I love being a woman and acting like one and sharing my life with my good man. My angina stopped and my BP went down along with all my worries in these last years with him.

            My children, two wonderful boys and one wonderful girl what a joy they were, are all doing well. But I still worry. That never ends.

            You have a good day also and sure we will chat again for certain. ;p

  2. dba_vagabond_trader says:

    To the heart of it, way to go Sheriff Clarke!

  3. tedlv says:

    Gotta like Sheriff Clarke! Good, solid man! Totally unafraid of the racists in groups like BLM.

  4. DwightMann says:

    The black panthers are NOT the same to colored people as the KKK is to white people.
    Most white people disapprove of the KKK, most negroes appreciate the bp

  5. Niki says:

    The Answer is – The KKK is a racist organization that ATTACKS minorities. The Black Panthers formed to protect Their Communities from racist attacks Are you people really that ignorant??

    1. DebraJMSmith says:

      Whatever were we thinking. I mean, even the modern-day black panthers look like such nice boys. And oh my, Beyonce and her gal-pals all also looked so nice, like such loving gals.

      And I’m sure when the modern-day black panthers were standing outside of voting booths in 2008, with clubs, that they were just wanting to make friends with the whites at those places.

      Our mistake….

      1. Niki says:

        Yes Debra, your mistake. Don’t think your 1st grade sarcasm wasn’t noticed. It baffles me that Whites rally for the NRA and second amendment and when Blacks exercise their right to express their opinions and bear arms, you all go crazy. Should Blacks let Whites hose them down, shoot them unarmed in the streets, continue to treat them like second class citizens and do nothing? Is that what you would tell your children to do.
        Your mistake started with slavery and continues today. Bye

        1. Tiger says:

          BS. Exercise what rights? To call for the killing of White cops? To have organizations like the Black Panthers that are trying to round up 1000 to kill cops? Black Panthers who call for killing Whites and their babies in hospital nurseries? Rights to block our polling stations and intimidate weak people, of which I am not one and carry my pepper spray. Rights to tear up towns, burn businesses, steal?

          Should Whites let Blacks do all the above? Without prosecuting them for their crimes, pepper spaying the mobs, shoot them unarmed in the streets? Tell you what bring it on.

          Your mistake started today by continuing to back uncivilized activities according to color bye.

          1. Niki says:

            I feel sorry for your family, they’re obviously being raised by an idiot. Go read a history book

          2. Tiger says:

            Practice what you preach.

          3. Tiger says:

            LOLOL my children all doing exceptionally well. Good careers, houses and all educated.

            Tis thee that needs a history book, you might want to look up those Lincoln/Douglas debates to see what your Savior said about Blacks.

        2. David Tierney says:

          Another racist moron heard from. Please check out the tv show, “The First 48 Hours”. Most of the victims on the real life show are blacks killed by other blacks. When you stop killing each other, then come and talk to us about how everyone of us whites mistreat everyone of you blacks. And while we are at it, why not explain how 14% of the population commits 48% of vicious crimes. Oh that’s right, it’s the white man’s fault. Get over it.

          1. Niki says:

            Whites commit more crimes than Blacks since the beginning of history. All the inbreeding your people do has warped your minds and sense of reality. Trailer trash idiots

          2. David Tierney says:

            Have you been to the Congo or to Sierra Leone, just a few of the spots where blacks are slaughtered by blacks every single day. Do you real read history books.
            I doubt it?

        3. David Tierney says:

          Also, before you trash the NRA, become informed on the good that they do unlike the BP’s who use force and intimidation. Read

          1. Niki says:

            The NRA is responsible for all the mass murders in this country, go read up on it David, your mother must be so ashamed she didn’t abort you when she had the chance

          2. David Tierney says:

            Wow, you really are an idiot. Who has been lying to you all these years? Oh that’s right the liberal based Democratic Party.
            My Mother is very happy with the way ai turned. But I’d bet you mom is remorseful.

        4. David Tierney says:

          You never have read anything in your life itherwise you would know that blacks in Africa sold their own into slavery long before whites even hot involved. Infact the first slave owner in the U.S. was in fact a black man who sued the government for the right to own slaves.
          Funny how I know more of black History than you do.

      2. Tiger says:

        I live in Florida they intimidated all over during the Zimmerman trial, they had posters up, Wanted Posters and they were going to hang Zimmerman. They also were on our radio stations preaching killing of all Whites including babies in hospital nurseries.

        Yes they did what you say at voting stations and I tell you now I keep pepper spray in my purse, the kind used by cops and if I had some Black dressed in uniform and caring a billy bully club I would take it out, aim it at their faces and say back off buddy and get out of my way.

        Nothing happened to them, nothing and never will with this Black Muslim SOB in the WH. It is up to Whites to get a backbone and stand these people down.

    2. Tiger says:

      Yeh right you wish we were that stupid. The Black Panthers preach White hate, they are attempting to bring together thousands to kill White cops, they call for killing White babies in hospital nurseries and all Whites. Racist is what Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matters is based on.

      The KKK was formed by the Democrats to kill off all those who voted Republican and that included Blacks and Whites. You don’t have a clue. As time went on the KKK became totally against Blacks but that is not what they started as.

    3. David Tierney says:

      You are an idiot to actually believe what comes out of you mind and put into texts. I suopose the BP’s are a oeace loving group like ISIS.
      Ignorance runs many ways. You are eithr dilussional, ignorant or just stupid.
      Which one are you

  6. Tiger says:

    I absolutely love this man he is always right on, he doesn’t spare the rod or spoil the child he is one of the most honest men on TV.

    He doesn’t back down or off. He is right. We have a generation of Blacks who have been taught White hate to an extreme I never experienced in all my years as an RN working side by side with Black CNA or nurses. It is sad to see instead of going forward the Blacks are going backward and I blame O for much of this. This sherff is right on Whites would not dare do anything like what she did.

    I knew what O was because I studied him. I expected his Muslim sympathy but I was surprised the day he took to the WH podium to call the police who arrested his Black professor friend stupid. What kind of president who has a lick of sense, dignity and resolution to only comment on issues that affect our country plays such a incredibly Racist card? Then Zimmerman again could have been his son. I live in Florida that brought the Black Panthers in force calling for the death of Zimmerman saying they would hang him. Then Ferguson and on to Baltimore and now Black Lives Matter calling for and getting cops killed in cold blood.

    I am tired of being threatened by Blacks, I am tired of this Dividing Force in the WH and I won’t be pushed around by any groups. If BLM tries to stop me from shopping they gonna get a face full of pepper spray.

    1. David Tierney says:

      I see that you are a nurse. I respect and appreciate everything that nurses do but I would also suggest to you and almost urge you to find a verifiable gun store and range to buy a gun and learn how to use it. Pepper spray can do the job in most instancez but not all. And be sure to spray down wind. Just suggesting and be safe.
      Have a great day anyway.

      1. Niki says:

        Two dummies sharing their ignorant views. How nice.

      2. Tiger says:

        Thank you moved out here to be free and I am. Have plenty of guns thank you and know how to use them.

        A little handheld ladies gun goes a long way to put a really big hole in a body.

    2. Niki says:

      You sound delusional. If you’re actually a nurse I feel very sorry for your patients. I’ve coped your picture and posted it to a few nursing websites to let them know your racist views.

      1. Tiger says:

        Good. LOLOOKL

      2. Tiger says:

        Good I am sure it will make their day they can show how not racist and bigoted they are by throwing darts at it.

        Thank you for the publicity. ;p

  7. coneyro says:

    Nobody saw Beyonce rehearsing this beforehand?
    All performances from now on should need approval BEFORE being aired.
    Family geared, nonpolitical entertainment is the only type that should be shown. It should be in a written contract.
    Don’t agree, don’t get to do your thing at the Super Bowl.

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