Dems in panic mode prep Joe Biden as stand-by candidate

Photo Source ABC News

Some Democrats are getting so frightened by the tightness of the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that they are keeping Vice President Joe Biden as a standby.

Democratic donor Bill Bartmann emailed dozens of Biden supporters on Friday asking them to be at the ready with contributions in case the vice president decides to get into the race, according to Reuters.

He cited a poll that showed Sanders is essentially tied nationwide with the former secretary of state.

“We cannot afford to lose the White House,” he wrote in the email according to Reuters.

“Count me in,” Delaware Bay Company LLC chief executive Gary Hindes wrote in reply.

Hindes, the former chairman of the Delaware Democratic Party, told Reuters his “heart is with Joe.”

“I am hoping that the stars line up right and that Joe becomes the nominee,” he said. “Sanders is too far to the left.”

Patrick Baskette, a Tampa based public affairs consultant agreed.

“My sitting on the sidelines has a lot to do with my disappointment that the vice president decided not to get in the race,” he told Reuters. “I don’t think that (Sanders and Clinton) offer the solutions to our nation’s future that Joe Biden does.”

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