Horrifying footage shows giant crane crash in NYC; one dead, several injured

A frightening video of a crane collapsing in mid-town Manhattan has been released from construction workers working nearby.

The crane was being lowered Friday morning during a snowstorm for fear of the high winds when it came toppling down, the New York Post reported.

The crash killed one and injured three.

David Wichs, 38, was killed by the crane which fell on him while he was standing on the street nearby, according to the Post.

The accident could have been much worse if the crew hadn’t started directing pedestrians and traffic away from the area, according to officials.

“Thank God we didn’t have more injuries and lose more people,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters at a press conference. “It’s something of a miracle that there was not more of an impact.”

NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association treasurer Paul Capotosto described the chaotic scene to the Post.

“When it came down, it felt like an earthquake. Our building rattled … shook,” he said. “We started checking the cars to make sure nobody’s in them. We got to one of the cars, saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat, still conscious. He said he was OK.”

He also said that they aided a woman who was leaning against a building bleeding.

“As bad as it is, we lost a life out there, but it could have been worse. Because of the weather, there were not a lot of people out there,” he told the Post.

Watch the video below.

Social media was awash with pictures of the scene as well.

Watch the unedited version by clicking the link below.


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