Obama’s ‘widows and orphans’ terrorize French city, one family responds with gun

This is apparently how President Obama’s widows and orphans say thank you to a country that welcomed them in.

Nearly 500 refugees, joined by anarchists, stormed the Port of Calais in France and terrorized a French family on Saturday, according to a video obtained by the Gateway Pundit.

The bandits destroyed security fences, incited violence, then boarded a British ferry and defaced a statue of former French President Charles de Gaulle, the Daily Mail reported.

The mob was caught on video as it surrounded the home of one family and threw garbage and debris at them.


But the locals were not about to back down.

One man emerged from the home being vandalized and tore off his shirt and threw punches at the rabble-rousers, literally trying to fight all of them.


Another man inside the house came out with a rifle and pointed it at the angry crowd.

Some of those arrested in Saturday’s violence were part of the British group “No Borders” which gave just enough cover to make excuses for the refugees.


“The attitude of No Borders in Calais is scandalous – there must be a punishment,” Xavier Bertrand, the president of the region, said Sunday on Twitter.

“I demand that the government urgently holds a crisis meeting,” he added.


Calais police union spokesman Gilles Debove also blamed the British group.

“I cannot understand why British citizens come to Calais to incite migrants to break the law and defy the French authorities,” he said.

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve told the British Broadcasting Company that there were 35 arrests: 26 migrants and nine activists.

Carmine Sabia


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