‘Race rage’: Fiery debate over Oscars boycott explodes on Fox & Friends

A heated debate over the Academy Awards boycott rocked the “Fox & Friends Weekend” set on Saturday.

Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin blasted Fox News contributor Stacey Dash’s assertion that the B.E.T. Awards and Image Awards should be banned if blacks don’t want segregation.

“She is someone who has benefited from B.E.T. because she’s gone on there, been a presenter and the Image Awards. She should know better and not try to shut the door behind when she has benefited from the same thing she’s now criticizing,” he said.

Freethink Media’s Kmele Foster disagreed and argued the boycott is ridiculous as blacks are actually over-represented at the Oscars.

“Let’s look at data,” Foster said. “Twenty percent of the wins in the best actor category, for example, have gone to black actors. Blacks are not twenty percent of the population. They’re around 13% of the population. What percentage of the nominations have gone to black actors? Something around 12.4.”

Watch the fiery exchange below.

Carmine Sabia


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