Chuck Todd gives Nancy Pelosi free air time for Hillary commercial

Chuck Todd, host of “Meet The Press,” teed-up Nancy Pelosi for a free Hillary advertisement during the Democratic presidential debate pre-show.

“You broke a glass ceiling as Speaker of the House,” Todd said referring to her election as the first female Speaker on Jan. 4, 2007.

“Marble ceiling,” Pelosi corrected him.

“Marble ceiling, that’s right,” he conceded. “You broke a marble ceiling as first woman Speaker of the House. How important is it for the Democratic Party to elect the first woman president?”

“It would be exciting. There’s no question,” she said. “I mean, I love all of our candidates. I’m from Maryland. I appreciate Martin O’Malley and support his agenda. I’m colleague of Bernie Sanders and love the fact he’s attracting so many people to his point of view. Hillary Clinton is the first woman president it would send quite a — I can say from my own experience, being Speaker is different from being president but nonetheless, the public awareness is different but nonetheless, the response we got around the country and the world.”

Did she say “she IS the first woman president?”

Watch the clip below.

Carmine Sabia


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