What did Cruz do that ‘pulled Trump out of bed and sent him tweeting and tweeting and tweeting?’

Donald Trump must be feeling the heat of Ted Cruz on his neck because he unleashed a veritable tirade against the Texas senator on Twitter Saturday.

He started just before 8 a.m EST flat-out calling Cruz a Canadian citizen.

For the next several hours the Republican presidential front-runner just unloaded with tweet after tweet, most of them coming within minutes of each other.

Syndicated columnist Phil Kerpen corrected him but that wasn’t going to stop Trump.

Cruz responded to Trump’s rant on Saturday at a church outside of Charlotte where he was making an appearance.

“I would note that Donald’s record does not match what he says as a candidate,” he told reporters according to CNN.

“I imagine it pulled him out of bed this morning and send him tweeting and tweeting and tweeting,” he said. “I think in terms of a commander-in-chief, we ought to have someone who isn’t springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic response to the latest poll.”

Trump, however continued his Twitter attacks.

Including, what might have been his most absurd comment, suggesting that Cruz should be “kicked out of politics.”

But wait there’s more.

Carmine Sabia


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