Is Bergdahl doing our negotiations? Lousy Iranian swap deal is still ‘total disgrace,’ says Trump

Five Americans are coming home after being freed by Iran in a prisoner swap with the U.S. on Saturday.

Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, Marine veteran Amir Hekmati and Nosratollah Khosrawi were the first four releases announced, the Washington Post reported.

In exchange, President Obama pardoned Tooraj Faridi, Khosrow Afghahi, and Bahram Mechanic, Mechanic’s lawyer Joel Androphy told Fox News.

Charges will be dropped against seven Iranians, six of whom are dual citizens of both nations, as part of the deal, according to Fox News.

In addition, the U.S. will no longer seek 14 Iranians it was searching for through Interpol red notices, CNN reported.

“We’re delighted this day has finally arrived,” American Center for Law and Justice Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow said in a statement. “Pastor Saeed should never been imprisoned in the first place.”

The fifth prisoner is a student named Matthew Trevithick who was detained in Iran months ago, according to the Post.

“Our citizens have not yet been flown out of Iran, and we do not want to do anything that would complicate it,” a senior U.S. official in Vienna said Saturday before adding the “Iranians wanted a goodwill gesture” as part of the exchange.

Another official said the deal was a “one-time arrangement because it was an opportunity to bring Americans home,” adding that it shouldn’t “encourage this behavior in the future.” A fear of some who believe exchanging prisoners leads to more Americans being kidnapped or detained as bargaining chips.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump expressed joy at the Americans coming home but said the deal didn’t “sound too good.”

“Essentially they get $150 billion plus seven and we get four, doesn’t sound too good,” Trump said of the deal. “But we have to see because I just heard about this an hour ago and I’m happy they are coming back but I will tell you it’s a disgrace that they’ve been there for so long, it’s a disgrace remember that. A total disgrace.”

While there was widespread jubilation some on social media though had some serious questions.

Carmine Sabia


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