This is what’s become of schools! Adults stand idle while raging teen dares them to tase her

A video showing an epic temper tantrum of a black female student at a Texas middle school highlights the problem with schools in America today.

The unruly teenager climbed on top of a table, stomped her feet, and dared administrators and police to “touch” or “taser” her.

“What the f**k are they gonna do, tase my a**?” she shouted, “I wish they would!”

The delinquent continued her rant for nearly two minutes, climbing from table to table and provoking authorities to do something about it…but they didn’t: they just stood by and watched her disrupt the rest of the students’ lunch hour.

Eventually, she came down from the table and was escorted out of the cafeteria.

The fact that school officials stood idly by while a student provoked authority in front of the entire student body is a testament to where the Democratic Party, and movements like Black Lives Matter, are taking America.

Watch the video below.

Carmine Sabia


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