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Suspects pick wrong guy to rob; legal gun owner shuts down crime spree

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A Fresno, Calif. sanitation worker was “stunned” on Friday when a man came up behind him at the ATM and began making small talk.

“It sure is cold out here,” said the man, identified as 32-year-old Jeremy Lynd.

As the sanitation worker, who happened to be a retired deputy with a concealed carry permit, turned around, Lynd shocked him with a stun gun in the neck and lower back, according to KFSN.

The victim got back to his car, pulled his gun from the door, and ordered Lynd to the ground.

Initially Lynd surrendered, until his accomplice, 31-year-old Bobbie-Sue Sevier, drove up and yelled at Lynd to get into the car, KFSN reported.

“And he did. She was driving out — ended up striking the victim’s vehicle while he was in it. At that point, he feared he was going to be struck by the vehicle, maneuvered his way around, and fired several rounds into the suspect vehicle,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told KFSN. “One of those rounds penetrated the car struck the female in the leg.”

Sevier temporarily escaped but was apprehended by police at a nearby Starbucks.

Lynd got away but was arrested Monday.

The car the suspects were driving was stolen in Sacramento in a carjacking on New Year’s Day.

The pair are also the prime suspects in a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in Parlier where the suspects drove the same car into the store and made off with jewelry.

Lynd is also wanted for an armed robbery in Turlock.

Dyer told KFSN that the victim was licensed to carry and added that since the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, he has seen a significant uptick in concealed carry applications.

Watch a report on the incident below.

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