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Scarborough gets riled over two horn-dog Bills: ‘Raising your voice at me doesn’t make this right’

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Joe ScarboroughWhat exactly is the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton?

It’s a question that’s been asked by many people and on Monday, MSNBC host of “Morning Joe” Joe Scarborough put it to former Democratic U.S. congressman Harold Ford Jr.,

“I wonder how the public looks at Bill Cosby and says, ‘This beloved man who changed American culture as much as any entertainment figure in our lifetime is going to have to be accountable for the way he treated women behind closed doors.’ How does a public that has come to that conclusion say, ‘The Bill Clinton’s stuff OK? and we’re not going to even examine the person who may have been in charge of what has been called the ‘sluts and nuts?’”

Ford tried to dodge the question by accusing Republicans of dredging up the former president’s sexual past.

“Raising your voice to me doesn’t make this right. Comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong,” Ford said.

“Is it?” Scarborough asked. “I’m fascinated to hear why comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong.”

“I just think if Bill Clinton’s political career was not undone by these things, why should Hillary Clinton’s career be undone by these things?” Ford replied.

Scarborough tried again to explain that it wasn’t about the former president’s sexual past but about the current Democratic presidential front-runner’s part in the cover-up.

“This is all about Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women who may have been sexually abused. Can she move forward in this campaign talking about a war on women, talking about, as she did in Northern Iowa, that women who claim to be sexually abused have the right to be heard and the right to be believed?” he asked. “Do we have to examine what she did to protect herself and her position of power when woman came forward and claimed sexual abuse on her husband’s part?”

Watch the entire fiery debate below.

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