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‘Daily Show’ hits below belt with vile Donald Trump, daughter hashtag

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The new host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, must be really desperate to get out of the shadow of Jon Stewart.

On his show Thursday Noah couldn’t contain his glee at the fact that Donald Trump had raised the “birther” question against Se. Ted Cruz

“I thought Republicans were the ones who do this, not the ones who get it done to them. This for me is like hearing that someone roofied Bill Cosby,” he said excitedly.

The host said that the only reason anyone was questioning Cruz’s citizenship status is because Trump brought up the subject.

Noah correctly stated that Trump brought up the subject by pretending to give Cruz advice on nipping the birther controversy in the bud so “Democrats” couldn’t use it against him, a conversation that could have been had in private if he really cared.

But the comedy host took it a step too far when he tried to turn the tables on Trump.

“Donald Trump is absolutely right. It would be awful to disqualify a candidate just because of an irrelevant possible scandal hanging over their head. For instance, a lot of people are saying that Donald Trump wants to bang his daughter. And I hope it’s not true, but I’ve even seen people saying it on television. And on the Comedy Central app,” he said with with a picture of himself in the background.

“I mean, if you Google ‘Donald Trump Wants To Bang His Daughter,’ you can watch these videos yourself,” Noah continued.

“It would be a shame if people watched that and if people started tweeting the hashtag #DonaldTrumpWantsToBangHisDaughter. I hope that doesn’t happen,” he said obviously asking fans of the show to tweet it.


Those tweeting it, however, were met with a fierce backlash from Trump supporters. (Warning for harsh language)

Carmine Sabia


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