Could women at campaign event be more unimpressed with Bill Clinton? Their faces say ‘no’

Bill Clinton may not have the way with women he once did.

The former president made his first official campaign appearance for his wife, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, Monday in Nashua, New Hampshire with people selected by the campaign strategically placed behind him.

Picture via screenshot.
Picture via screenshot.

Several of the female voters, and a 14-year-old, didn’t seem all that impressed.

The women looked down, side to side, made faces and looked generally bored as Clinton spoke.

The 14-year-old girl and her mother spoke to the Daily Mail and were stunned that they appeared so disinterested.

Picture via screenshot.
Picture via screenshot.

“We weren’t aware. I wasn’t aware!” the mom, Deanne Martin, told the Mail. “I’ve never been to one of these before.”

“We were nervous,” he daughter Mary explained. “I was ecstatic!”

“I want to be the first female president – well, now the second,” she added as she slapped on a happy face according to the Mail.

The Mail asked the elder Martin if she told her daughter about the former president’s seedy past with women but before she could answer Mary interrupted.

Picture via screenshot.
Picture via screenshot.

“Oh, I’m aware,” the eighth-grader said. “Yeah. He’s a womanizer.”

“I think that that’s his social life and his work should be separate from that,” she told the Mail.

When asked if she agreed with her daughter Deanne just shrugged and said “I guess.”

How very feminist.

Watch below via the Daily Mail.

Carmine Sabia


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