Families ditch Boy Scouts over ‘chase of progressive visions,’ seek faith-based alternatives

The Boy Scouts’ “chase of progressive visions” was credited for the growth of alternative organizations “rooted in Scripture.” (Video: Fox News) Ahead of the 115th anniversary of […]

‘Ruthless’ Mexican cartels now in all 50 states, drug turf wars rage in US

According to a new report by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Mexico’s “most powerful and ruthless” cartels are operating in all 50 states now and turf wars are […]

‘Diddy’ speaks about pummeling ex-girlfriend in video: ‘I was f**ked up’

As Diddy’s denials diminished, a “compelled” apology from the hip-hop mogul smacked of “pathetic desperation” after a years-old violent video surfaced. “I was f*cked up.” (Video: Fox […]

KC Star editorial calls for outspoken Chief’s player to be fired, replaced with FEMALE kicker

The Kansas City Star ran a guest editorial calling on the defending hometown Super Bowl champions to boot kicker Harrison Butker off the team for suggesting that […]

Chicago mom told ‘no units to send’ after calling 911 over home invasion, advised to call alderman

A Chicago mother was forced to wait for hours for a police response after someone bre into her home last Tuesday. According to the homeowner, Michelle, she […]

‘Butchers were murderously wrong’: New study finds risk of suicide jumps 12-fold AFTER gender surgery

A new study has found that people who’ve undergone transgender surgery boast a much higher risk of committing suicide. Published last month in Cureus, a medical science […]

Virginia rapper, 17, fatally shoots himself recording TikTok gunplay video

A Virginia rapper’s viral video sparked debate on after solo gunplay appeared to bring on a fatal conclusion. “Knew exactly what he was doing…” Going by the […]

Fists fly as unruly anti-Israel protestors clash with NYPD

From “catastrophe” to chaos, the latest clash between anti-Israel activists and the police saw fists flying on the streets of Brolyn. Another “flood” of terrorist sympathizers to […]

Mamma Mia! Gangster classic ‘Goodfellas’ hit with trigger warning about cultural stereotypes

The gangster flick “Goodfellas” has been slapped with a trigger warning by the “we” thought police at AMC which has added a message that the Martin Scorsese […]

Two Chiefs players arrested early Friday – will NFL condemn them too?

The self-purported strength from the NFL’s “commitment to inclusion” was immediately put to the test when two player arrests were made as a backdrop to the Harrison […]

Catholic group calls on NFL to honor its ‘dedication’ to diversity over Butker controversy

A major Catholic group is calling the National Football League’s commitment to diversity into question over its treatment of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker. Butker, who […]

Mother files lawsuit against AstraZeneca after COVID jab clinical trial left her ‘permanently disabled’

A Utah woman has filed the first-ever U.S. lawsuit against AstraZeneca as per its COVID vaccine that she says left her permanently disabled. The plaintiff, 42-year-old Brianne […]

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