Video shows nun on her knees, begging police to stop shooting protestors

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF Video footage shows a nun on her knees begging police to stop shooting protestors in a northern Myanmar town. The footage depicts Sister […]

Video: A little dose of what happens when you mess with ‘Murica

A video posted to showing what appears to be firearms training is getting a lot of attention. The video, titled “A little dose of Murica,” shows […]

‘I didn’t want to be a victim’: Retired Marine tackles convenience store hold-up

A retired Marine is being applauded for jumping into action to save a 7-Eleven store and clerk that were being robbed. Curtis Jackson, who now works for […]

Video: Dr. Ben Carson’s response to a Hollywood atheist is pretty darn funny

Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson ighted the crowd at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington with a story of how he responded to an argument from […]

10-year-old girl grabs 2-year-old sister, jumps as carjacker drives away with car

A 10-year-old California girl is being hailed as a hero after her quick thinkingsaved herself and her 2-year-old sister from a kidnapping. Redlands police said suspect Cory […]

Road rage revenge ends in epic fail

This is not the way to get revenge. A driver in a KIA attempted to use his iPhone to film someone who hadjust cut him off, but […]

Cops are ‘punching bags!’ Thugs assault NYPD officers while crowd gathers in street

A video of two New City police officers being attacked by bystanders while making an arrest is taking the Internet by storm – and showing just how […]

Above and beyond: Cop’s act of kindness rocks Facebook

A different kind of citizen video of police is going viral for an act of kindness that touched the hearts of tens of thousands. The video, d […]

VIRAL VIDEO: 12-year-old SLAMS Obama for using church shooting to push gun agenda

CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old who’s used to using social media to make trouble beyond his years, has shredded President Obama again — this time for politicizing the […]

Video: Iranian man refuses to be executed

I don’t know what this guy did. In a country like Iran, it could be anything from not praying at the right time to murder. But it […]

Black man goes on epic rant against white liberals who used massacre to ‘fuel racism’

A man who describes himself as an “Indo-Creek/African-American Libertarian” blasted “white liberals” for fueling the fires of racism in an epic rant. Eric July posted the video […]

Public responds to ‘Beyonce’s Sharia Law Plan’ for the inner cities

Did Beyonce really call for Sharia law to be employed in urban communities for the benefit of the public? Certainly not. But don’t tell that to some […]

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