Want to know what the left has in store for America’s towns? Just look at this blue city

If current trends continue, the place Tony Bennett affectionately called “the city by the bay” will soon be no . San Francisco, which a massive earthquake could […]

Indicting Trump has nothing to do with the law. Here’s why

Former President Donald J. Trump kept the focus of the nation Tuesday and Wednesday as America waited for an indictment that never came. It may still. Manhattan […]

Lori Lightfoot might come back to haunt Chicago

Currently,Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfootmay be the worst mayor in America. Her mismanagement of the metropolis famously referred to as the “City of the Big Shoulders” has reached, […]

George Santos is putting the GOP between a rock and a hard place

The pressure is mounting for New York Republican Rep. George Santos to resign from the seat he won by approximately 20,000 votes in last November’s election. The […]

Here’s one key reform anti-McCarthy Republicans should revive from the history books

After six ballots, California Republican Kevin McCarthy is no closer to his goal of becoming the next speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives than he was […]

Democrats are throwing away a chance to have Kevin McCarthy in the palms of their hands

It is axiomatic that Democrats will find a way to profit whenever chaos occurs. It is difficult to understand, therefore, why any of them failed to come […]

Insult to taxpayers: Congress’ $1.7T monstrosity was flown in for Biden to sign while on vacation

Joe Biden’s been president for just about two years. In that time, the U.S. government has spent money than under any other chief executive in U.S. […]

If Musk really quits as Twitter CEO, what next?

Maverick corporate innovator Elon Musk appeared ready to step down as CEO of Monday after a majority of users participating in an on poll said he […]

Key lessons Republicans should take away from Georgia’s runoff

It wasn’t much of a shock to see Raphael Warnock elected to a full, six-year term in the U.S. Senate Tuesday. The race was important. A lot […]

Musk’s disturbing ‘Twitter files’ confirm everything we already knew

Late Friday, Matt Taibbi used the platform to publish numerous tweets devoted to the site’s internal iberations regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story that most major […]