Mexican ambassador: Migration to the US will never stop

The day before President Donald Trump headed to the southern border, the Mexican ambassador to the United States held a news conference at the Mexican embassy in […]

Trump doubles down, threatens 25% tariff on cars from Mexico!

President Donald Trump reiterated his threat to put tariffs on all cars made in Mexico on Friday morning, saying the tariff will be a whopping 25 percent. […]

More than 30 Chicago-area police chiefs call for Kim Foxx to resign

At a press conference in Chicago on Thursday afternoon, more than 30 police chiefs from the suburbs of Chicago stood side-by-side, united in their calls for Cook […]

Farrakhan tells Chicago: I am Jesus, I am the Messiah

Louis Farrakhan told a crowd in Chicago in February that he is Jesus, the Messiah. “God does not love this world,” he said in his Nation of Islam […]

Funniest president ever! Trump trolls Joe Biden with spoof ‘hands and hair-sniffing’ video

He couldn’t resist. President Donald Trump retweeted a spoof video Thursday afternoon showing the Joe Biden video from Wednesday, but with an image of a second Joe […]

Signs the woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago is a spy for the Chinese Communist Party

  The Epoch Times, a newspaper founded by Chinese dissidents, says it’s likely that the Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday is a spy for the […]

Why are Republicans still investigating Russian collusion?

On his show on Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson says he was shocked to learn that despite the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluding […]

Joe Biden apologizes, ‘will be more mindful in the future’

Joe Biden posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday in which he seemed to say he WILL run for president in 2020 and addressed the complaints from […]

Avocados ain’t all that: Americans choose border security over produce!

Can you live in a world without avocados? Some Americans aren’t sure they can, and are begging the president to keep the border with Mexico open so […]

Pete Buttigieg is the ‘new progressive ‘it’ boy’

  Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened her show on Tuesday night by poking fun at journalists tripping over themselves to heap praise on 37-year-old Democratic presidential […]

Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago with four cellphones, laptop, malware

Secret Service agents arrested a woman with two Chinese passports on Saturday afternoon after she reportedly lied to try to gain access to Mar-a-Lago with malicious software. […]

Washington Post columnist: It’s Biden’s intentions that count, not actions

In a bizarre column published in Tuesday’s Washington Post, long-time journalist Karen Tumulty defends Joe Biden, writing that it’s not so much a person’s actions that count, […]