GOP rep takes victory lap after Capitol Police debunk Liz Cheney, Jan 6 committee claim

Less than a week into its heavily hyped televised hearings, the House select committee on the events of January 6, 2021, is reeling after the big primetime rollout was a ratings bomb and now, one of the sinister conspiracy theories put forth by star member Liz Cheney has been exposed as a completely dishonest piece of narrative engineering to implicate GOP lawmakers in a plot to overthrow the government.

On Tuesday, Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger shot down the false claim by Cheney and committee chairman Bennie Thompson that Rep. Barry Loudermilk personally led a group of rioters on a January 5 reconnaissance walk-through of the Capitol complex — an accusation that has been vehemently denied by the Georgia Republican — a major blow to the efforts of the kangaroo court which is off to a rough start.

In a letter to Rep. Rodney Davis, the ranking member of the House Administration Committee, Manger advised the Georgia Republican that the malicious Cheney’s claim was pure hogwash and that no evidence exists that proves the embattled Wyoming congresswoman’s sensational accusation of a Loudermilk-led recon patrol on the day before the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol.

According to the letter, the head of the Capitol Police rejected the idea that the visit by Loudermilk’s guests was anything more nefarious than the routine tours that are regularly given by lawmakers to their constituents of the office buildings in the complex and that, “At no time did the group appear in any tunnels that would have led them to the U.S. Capitol. In addition, the tunnels leading to the U.S. Capitol were posted with USCP officers and admittance to the U.S. Capitol without a Member of Congress was not permitted on January 5, 2021.”

“There is no evidence that Representative Loudermilk entered the U.S. Capitol with this group on January 5, 2021,” Manger wrote. “We train our officers on being alert for people conducting surveillance or reconnaissance, and we do not consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious.”

A vindicated Loudermilk took a victory lap on Twitter after the cloud of suspicion was lifted.

“The truth will always prevail. As I’ve said since the Jan. 6 Committee made their baseless accusation about me to the media, I never gave a tour of the Capitol on Jan 5, 2021,” the congressman tweeted.

Loudermilk added, “and a small group visiting their congressman is in no way a suspicious activity. Now the Capitol Police have confirmed this fact.”

Despite the lack of any evidence, Cheney and Thompson wrote a letter to Loudermilk in May requesting his “voluntary cooperation” with their investigation.

“Public reporting and witness accounts indicate some individuals and groups engaged in efforts to gather information about the layout of the U.S. Capitol, as well as the House and Senate office buildings, in advance of January 6, 2021,” the letter read.

“In response to those allegations, Republicans on the Committee on House Administration—of which you are a Member—claimed to have reviewed security footage from the days preceding January 6th and determined that “[t]here were no tours, no large groups, no one with MAGA hats on. However, the Select Committee’s review of evidence directly contradicts that denial,” Cheney and Thompson wrote, claiming to have evidence.

But Chief Manger who is more of an authority than a gaggle of truth-twisting Trump-hating politicians begs to differ.

In another sign that Nancy Pelosi’s Soviet-style tribunal may be in big trouble, the Wednesday hearings were abruptly postponed without explanation, not that most Americans will notice.

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51 thoughts on “GOP rep takes victory lap after Capitol Police debunk Liz Cheney, Jan 6 committee claim

  1. This example just defines the entire committee! LET’S GO BRANDON!

  2. “Public reporting and witness accounts… ”
    Translation: we herad from cnn and a-hole ” c” word…
    “the Committee on House Administration reviewed security footage from the days preceding January 6th and determined that “[t]here were no tours, no large groups, no one with MAGA hats on…. we don’t like that, so we will go with what the fake news said”

  3. This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last of those false accusations that are going to be exposed for what they are. The collective infection of Trump Derangement Syndrome running wild in their heads won’t allow them to quit, however. Trump is indeed living rent-free in their heads and they have no idea how they can evict him. How do they sleep?

  4. If Dems were hoping for any functional payoffs, they can forget it. They’ve already lost.

    The “1/6” strategy has always been shakey at best. But truth doesn’t matter to Dems, so don’t expect them to stop. To the contrary, like the failed Mueller ruse and the impeachment shams, Democrats will continue milking the debunked insurrection conspiracy for political fodder, in this case, for the midterms. After all, they have nothing else to run on. They believe they’re beating a war drum. In reality, the only thing they’re “beating” is a dead horse.

  5. Cheney’s vendetta has given the country a look at what the real person behind her calm personae really is, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. She has exposed herself and shown that she is a woman filled with hatred! One who hasn’t hesitated to use fraud to push an agenda against Trump and Trump voters. The Republican Party should eject her, as she is now one of the most despised members of Congress, as far as Republican voters are concerned.

  6. “… requesting his “voluntary cooperation” with their investigation.”
    In other words, tell us what we want to hear, or else.

    1. The old democrat Klu Klux Klan hasn’t changed much, as the Jan 6th Committee demonstrates. They are still up to their old tactics of tar and feathering and while not actual hanging, certainly the imprisoning, as well purposely causing through false charges the destruction of the reputations and lives of those they consider their “enemies”, namely all Conservatives, but especially all Trump voters. If they can call us by the totally uncalled for and phony title of “White Supremacists” then I am certainly not out of line in calling them members of a cult like the KKK who seek the destruction of those they appear to despise – us!

  7. This will be another waste of taxpayer’s money, just like Mueller’s investigation and two impeachment hoax setup by Pee-loser. If you subpoena Pee-loser’s emails leading up to J-6, you will see she set the whole thing up to tank Trump. Botox Nancy’s is beyond evil. JMO

  8. Yeah, they have proof — like Shiftless had about the Russia collusion hoax! Lie, steal, cheat — the only thing they have, despite the destruction it brings down on the American people! 😠

  9. What charge do witnesses get when they lie under oath??? Oh, yeah…Contempt of Court. When will Cheney be sentenced?????

  10. “They stopped televising their hearing, and no one noticed”, that actually speaks volumes.

  11. This circus will be shut down, due to abuse of power
    Or is it animal cruelty…
    Democrats have manipulated everything from toilet paper shortage, Putin’s war on Ukraine to Biden’s presidency…
    The jokes on them. So are the repercussions🎯💣

    1. I hope the Republicans don’t shut it down when they are the majority in 2023. But the focus needs to be on Nancy Pelosi, and the abuses of the Capitol police.

      1. The entire democrat party in Washington DC, including the local authorities have abused (to soft a word actually) their power. They have shown dictatorial tendencies to an extreme, and they have thrown away the Constitution while installing their own seditious cabal to work against it.

  12. “completely dishonest piece of narrative engineering”

    You are unable to say the word LIE!?

  13. SCOTUS needs to revisit the Court Decisions that provide total immunity to Members and Senators for speech and actions while doing the people’s business.

    I understand the need for some immunity, protection from nuisance actions and the like. However, I am quite certain the founder’s intent did not include allowing blatant lies for the purpose of subverting the rule of law.

  14. This cancerous rhino should be tarred ,feathered ,pissed on ,
    then Taken to Gitmo and hung for high Treason . POS .,
    Arrest the rest of the Treasonous Rhinos committing high Treason also .
    Enough IS enough .
    Americans who were sucked in and lied to by these turn coats in their state should get the first crack at them .

  15. We must vote all of these democrats and rinos out of office this November. Our liberty is at stake. The democrat party has brain washed the useful idiots into believing their propaganda. The teacher unions are filling our children’s minds with Marxist social engineering hogwash.

    1. The schools are poisoning our children to hate America. Anyone who hates America will not defend it.

  16. The show trials were habitually used by Stalin, the Communist Bolshevik dictator of the Soviet Union in the 1930’s, to eliminate all possible opposition from the Menshevik party and other opponents within his own party. Can the Democrats, having moved far Left, be using Jan.6 ,not only as a diversion, but as much a continuation of “calling out and eliminating any opposition. In the Soviet Union 1’000’s were summarily shot for accusations of treason for opposing the Party and its’ truths.

    1. Turn about is fair play, only Republicans will be investigating real crimes by democrats.

  17. Sad that there is no one with virtue on this Jan 6 committee. All are just prejudiced, hate mongering, spiteful, above the law, lynch mob. Justice is the last thing that any of them are interested in. They need to be told how low much of the public opinion is of them. How distrustful they are seen.

    1. This is why Nancy Pelosi chose Cheney and Kinzinger, after rejecting the Republicans’ choices. Everyone on the committee has already made up their minds.

    2. I agree with you, however, even if they know it would not change them. They just need to be gone.

    3. They did the same thing when they impeached Trump. Some of the names have changed. That’s the only difference.

  18. We all know that there is no evidence connecting Trump or any of his people to the Jan. 6 “riot” and that the Jan. 6 committee is an illegitimate kangaroo court designed to keep Trump from every running again and to deflect from the destruction of our economy currently happening under this administration.

    The trouble is that they are breaking the law and turning the Department of Justice and the FBI into the Administration’s “Gestapo” in the process and legitimizing the prosecution of their perceived political enemies. This is what is done in China, in Russia, and in third world Dictatorships. Witness the public arrests and prosecutions that have been happening for years: Roger Stone, General Flynn and now Peter Navarro. Yet the real criminals like Michael Sussmann, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are acquitted or never indicted. James Clapper and John Brennon (who both lied to Congress under oath) were never held accountable and got lucrative gigs on CNN. I could go on and on.

    This administration has destroyed the rule of law in this country and weaponized all the three letter agencies (the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the EPA, the DOJ and even the DOD) against anyone who disagrees with their radical Socialist and ant-white, anti-family and anti-Christian agenda. Homeland Security even tried to institute their dystopian “Board of Disinformation” in clear violation of the First Amendment. The mainstream media and all the big Tech “censors” support are complicit. The fact that we still have dozens of Americans locked up unconstitutionally in a D.C. gulag, on trumped up trespassing charges for over a year and a half with no due process or bail should enrage every American. Now they will be libelously charged with “sedition”. I say the Jan. 6 committee members are the real seditionists. All the Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, openly supported the “defund the police” and “no bail” policies which led to 73 police killed in the line of duty last year and thousands killed on our city streets, including two dozen children killed in “drive by” shootings in the last two years.
      Then, in violation of multiple Federal laws they have left our border wide open to terrorists, criminals, cartels and limitless Chinese made Fentanyl that literally kills a hundred thousand Americans every year. I don’t know if there is a way back to “equal justice under the law” when it seems our entire government is deployed to crush anyone that opposes the ruling party.
    There is no more “equal justice under the law” in America and it is destroying our country.

    1. 100% right on everything, and very well said! Now, if we can just get that out to 101 million Americans, we will win again!

    2. Well said now the question is when are the Republican’s going to take a stand on all these problems you have outlined in your comment?

      Semper Fi 1969-1989

    3. Has been a plan in the making for years until President Trump upset the plan.
      That’s why they fought ,incriminated ,lied , attempted twice to Impeach Trump ,even a last panic attempt ,stealing the elections to continue on with the plan to destroy USA .
      The wheels fell off the bus the first day fkjbiden took office .
      Everything. , Everything this demented bastard has touched , fkd up ,is not a mistake America , It. all has been planed for years .
      Killery was supposed to win ,why do you not think Obama ass reportedly was so angry with her. .She dropped the ball, failed the plan , fkd up royally .
      Broke the momentum , Obama ass was pissed .
      The puppeteer is pulling the strings on the sock puppet dementia fjbiden .
      The puppeteer who would have liked to run another term .

  19. Pelosi and the entire January 6th gang should be prosecuted for their false claims. The Democratic party should be forced to pay back all the taxpayers money they’ve wasted on this witch hunt. I do not approve of their use of my taxes.

  20. Habitual lying to the American people over the airwaves should be prosecuted, This activity is more of an insurrection than what their kangaroo court is currently examining. Chaney and the other bimbos (male and female) should be censored and expelled from the House for their actions to deceive voters strictly to bolster the demented administration they currently support. Their continued vendetta against one of the best presidents ever is insane.

  21. The hearings were put on hold when Dems discovered Trump was raising more money from them than Democrats.

  22. Cheney and Thompson, along with the rest of the so-called committee have no remorse about lying. They lack even an iota of integrity and honor. Along with Raskin and ‘Zinger’ and the rest they should not be permitted to enter the House, AND, be required to reimburse We the People for all the tax dollars they wasted on this sham!!

  23. Too funny.
    Looking for conspiracy when the only one obvious is the Russia Trump conspiracy lies.

  24. But she still had been touting it for months, Trump Haters listened. Wouldn’t surprise me if she or Schiff still claim it in their next Primetime flop.

  25. The Truth, eventually, will prevail. We all need to keep our eyes & ears open….

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