Dems are going with ‘White Replacement Theory’ and Tucker to explain sick, deranged Buffalo killer

(Video: CNN)

If there is one position the left has always maintained their consistency on, it’s taking any incident and finding a way to shoehorn it into their narrative that Republicans are somehow to blame despite no measurable evidence to support their claims, as was the case with the shooting in Buffalo.

When an 18-year-old opened fire at a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y. Saturday, killing at least 10 and wounding 3 others, after thoughts and prayers are considered for the victims and their loved ones, natural reactions may include wondering how it happened and why someone would do that. However, for those on the progressive end of the political spectrum, the answers to those questions are obvious.

In addition to calling for stricter laws, i.e., furthering the nanny state, Democrats drew all the anticipated inferences from the selected information about the suspect that had been released to the public. When it was made known that there was a 180-page manifesto linked to the suspect, it was scrubbed from the internet, so the narrative of CNN’s Jim Acosta and the like could not be readily challenged.

“As you know, this rhetoric has been mainstreamed by right-wing media figures, like Fox’s Tucker Carlson,” Acosta said to his guest, NAACP President Derrick Johnson, Sunday after Johnson had called for NewsCorp to stop funding Fox News.

“When The New York Times recently ran an exposé on Carlson’s record of promoting white nationalism and replacement theory,” content mentioned in the reported manifesto, “[Carlson] tweeted out…a picture of himself holding up the article, the front page of The New York Times, and laughing about it,” Acosta went on.

“Millions of people absorb this garbage on a regular basis on his program. Fox does nothing about it,” he insisted. “They make millions of dollars off of it. We have not shied away from calling that out, and calling Tucker out, on this program because what he is doing is very dangerous.”

Others espoused similar views as the blame for the shooter’s motivations was foisted upon voices from the right.

Facts were irrelevant in their outrage as many pointed out the suspect’s alleged position using his own words.

Furthermore, their demand that more laws be enacted to combat future occurrences of such senseless violence discounted the laws that the suspect had already violated. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) confirmed to CNN that, while the AR-15 used in the shooting was purchased legally in her state, the suspect had an illegal high-capacity magazine. It should go without saying that murder has remained illegal, but apparently, for the left, it bears repeating.

The most glaring reality ignored by the finger-pointers and mudslingers on the internet in the aftermath of this tragedy is that there are no members of the right of any repute who are lauding what happened. In fact, there has been little other than heartfelt condolences to the victims and denouncement of the actions by the suspect, peppered with the singling out of the hypocrisy of the left.

Many feel that more focus should be placed on what can be agreed upon rather than trying to force a narrative to suit an agenda.


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15 thoughts on “Dems are going with ‘White Replacement Theory’ and Tucker to explain sick, deranged Buffalo killer

  1. “The Buffalo shooter is a white supremacist”
    Interesting? In America where everyone has Rights, and everyone is a Victim I’m thinking that the black people rioting in the streets, looting and destroying property are Black Supremacists.

  2. Once again the racist left is making a big deal about this guy and accusing him of a hate crime because he’s a white man and some of the victims were black. They never and I repeat NEVER accuse black racists who murder whites of hate crimes. In fact they cover for them and try to sweep it all under the rug. Just another double standard by Biden’s flunkies.

  3. The dimwits will now ride this train to the abyss, since the victims are black and the perpetrator is “white”.

  4. Of course it’s horrible and he probably was a white supremacist. But, let’s review:

    – In 2016 Micah Johnson killed five and wounded 9 Dallas police officers in a Black Supremacist attack
      – In February, Quintez Brown, a BLM activist attempted to assassinate Jewish Louisville Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg
      – In November of 2021 black supremacist Darrell Brooks mowed down men, women and children at Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin by driving over them in his SUV. He killed 6 and wounded and maimed 60; mostly women and children.
      – In April, Frank James, a black supremacist, who posted “kill whitey” rants on his facebook page, shot 29 people on a N.Y. subway.

    What’s surprising is that there has not been more killings in light of Biden, his Justice Department and all the left wing media’s continuing incendiary comments and lies about white supremacists being the biggest threat to the country. Unfortunately, it is likely to get worse as they continue to stoke racial animosity and hate by constantly dividing the country and trying to pit one race against another. The non-stop “rasict” and “systemic racism” cries from the left are one of the most incidious propaganda campaigns ever perpetuated to destroy an opposition party or possibly to destroy western civilization. Incidentally, none of the black supremacists listed above have been charge with a “hate crime”. Why?

  5. We will explain it as soon as the media explains the ginger who ran over the dancing grannies at Xmas time, along with the ginger who did the subway shooting in NYC. Oh I guess the media has some splaining to do

  6. And like clockwork, can’t have a discussion about involuntary commitment laws, can’t have a discussion about this killer being KNOWN to make violent threats and he was merely sent to an “evaluation”. Can’t have any discussions about why that evaluation didn’t help. Can’t have discussions about anything but what the Democrats can use to attack a blameless Fox News, Tucker, Trump and everyone Democrats want to silence with their “racism” hysteria. Just two days ago, the Subway shooter, Frank James, plead “not guilty” in Court and not a peep in the news about that mass shooter. Gee, why?

  7. It is hard to believe people can be this stupid. CNN with it’s 9 viewers is saying that Fox is somehow controlled by Football? WTF. CNN is the liberals disinformation network. They propagate stories for the liberals NO MATTER the truth or the voracity of what they say; I have to believe this is why their viewers abandoned them. But a little math for you. For arguments sake, let’s say there are 270 million people in the US. Assuming everyone is white. non-Hispanic, and Chicago has a population of 2.7 million, that would be 1% of the population “changing” with illegals coming over the border. However, reality shows approximately 57.8% of the US population is WNH and 3.8% H. The Hispanic population in the US right now is 12.6 million. The illegal border crossings amount to about aa 21% increase in the H population each year. And renaming them “undocumented aliens” was a way for Biden/Harris to try and avoid being held accountable for upholding their oath of office and the constitution.

  8. This was a regrettable incident by an obviously very unbalanced person. I’m sure he did not just display his emotional distress but had shown it for some time and was never questioned. He did not generate a 100 plus page manifesto over night. Bottom line and contrary to amoebas like Rob Reiner that just like to hear themselves babble, this incident should have never occurred!!

      1. However Amoeba doesn’t talk, nor has a brain. Riener has a parrot brain

    1. A lot of red flags, our FBI is too busy going after Trump and conservatives.

  9. Laws only work when they are equal for everyone. Anything less is tyranny. This started advancing dramatically once Affirmative Action was made legal by our own Gov. The slippery slope became a very high cliff of a jumping off point from then on. It was nothing more than a reward for people to lazy to learn and try to be the best they could be. Welcome to idiocity

  10. The shooter described his political beliefs as “mild-moderate authoritarian left.“
    IF that’s true… No wonder this is the first time I’ve seen it.
    About this article, MSNBC (Morning Joe and Ho) have talked about this all morning. Tucker Tucker Tucker… FNC FNC FNC….

    1. That makes alot more since. The left likes to kill large numbers of people at one time.

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