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Boston police arrest 2 when Antifa violently clashes with ‘Rise Against Tyranny’ protesters

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Antifa and violence hit the news cycle once again, as a protest in Boston on Sunday turned into a brawl after they turned up.

The protest, titled “Rise Against Tyranny” was organized by a group called Super Happy Fun America and The Refounding Fathers Coalition. The demonstration began on noon Sunday, congregating at the Boston Common to “resist vaccine passports, face diapers, mass layoffs, and unconstitutional mandates,” Fox News reported.

In response, Antifa groups such as “Green Monster Antifa” and “Solidarity Against Hate – Boston” declared via Twitter that they would also be attending.

“Tell the Capitol Rioters to Get Out of Boston,” read the caption on a graphic tweeted.

Violent clashes between the two sides broke up, and police in riot gear arrived to try to break up the fights and restore order. A local reporter, Monica Madeja of NBC10 Boston, began sharing videos of the incidents on Twitter. In them, one can watch the orderly protests descend into violence, as tensions begin to rise.

In one video, a person shouts “we will not be intimidated!” At another point, Antifa counter-protesters shout “Death to Fascism,” and “Nazis Out!” Loud music can also be heard as Antifa tries to drown out the speakers.

It’s difficult to pin the blame exactly on one side. Individuals from both sides can be seen pushing against the barriers placed by police, and walking around police in order to confront the other group.

This isn’t the first time Super Happy Fun America has been in the news. In 2019 they made headlines with their “Straight Pride” parade. In addition, two of the group’s leaders were arrested in the Capitol riots of January 6th, the Boston Globe reported.

It also certainly isn’t the first time Antifa has been in the news. They have repeatedly gotten into violent confrontations, both while protesting and while counter-protesting, such as in a September incident in Olympia, Washington, involving the controversial Proud Boys. In August there was another violent clash in Los Angeles, California, where one man was stabbed.

Those are only two recent incidents in Antifa’s long and storied history of violent clashes, though in a deeply ironic and more recent change for a group that calls itself “Anti Fascist” is protesting in support of government power.

While Massachusetts is considered a deep-blue state where vaccine mandates remain popular and are unlikely to be lifted, protests against the vaccines and Antifa violence alike are certain to continue into the foreseeable future.


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