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‘Are you okay?’ WaPo’s way of reporting Travis Tritt will sing the national anthem has folks concerned

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The Washington Post has a new bone to pick, this time with the vaccine status of people singing the national anthem.

The Post felt the need to note that Travis Tritt, who is publicly against the vaccine mandate, probably wouldn’t perform at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, due to his policy of refusing to perform in any venue that requires attendees to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Truist Park, the home turf of the Atlanta Braves does not have a vaccine mandate, and so, obviously, as the Post pointed out, he will perform the national anthem there at Game 6 of the National League Championship Series.

The reaction to these statements of the obvious and the mundane drew some amusement and, as articles dedicated to pointing out that the Post is dedicating articles to such things, Twitter also seemed to feel something less than profound personal reflection.

It isn’t the first time the Post has dedicated itself to strange causes. It recently ran an article discussing the lack of diversity among zookeepers, of all things.

While the exact, explicit reasons for these odd topics aren’t publicly known, there is some speculation that the Post is assiduously trying to avoid acknowledging the growing public disenchantment with President Joe Biden or the rising tide of issues facing Biden’s administration. From the ugly truth about abandoned Americans in the disastrous Afghanistan pullout, to Biden’s cratering poll numbers, apparently it’s been hard to find good news for the beleaguered Democrat.


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