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Pelosi scolds press, says quiet part aloud: ‘Whether they know it or not,’ Americans overwhelmingly support bill

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chastised the media on Tuesday for not selling President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda hard enough and claimed that Americans overwhelmingly support it whether they know it or not.

“Well I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you,” Pelosi snidely told members of the media during a weekly press briefing after being asked how Democrats can do a better job on messaging for Biden’s $3.5 trillion social infrastructure bill.

“Because every time I come here, I go through the list, family medical leave, climate, the issues that are in there,” she continued.

“It is hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package. But as we narrow it down and put it out there I think that — for example, one of the things in the bill is the continuation of the Biden tax credit, the child tax credit that is within the rescue package. That has great appeal. Do people know where it springs from? No, but it is a vast bill,” she added.

“It has a lot in it and we will have to continue to make sure the public does. But whether they know it or not, they overwhelmingly support it. And by the way, women much more than men,” Pelosi asserted.

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Her blaming the press and claiming that Americans are behind the Biden agenda elicited anger from conservatives. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) blasted the Democrats, saying, “They can’t do anything right.”

“I just heard the clip from Nancy Pelsoi, they’re so screwed up, they’re blaming their best friends — the mainstream press — so that’s how bad the situation is,” he said to Fox News.

“They’re gonna kick it down, kick the can down the road again for about eight weeks, and then we’ll be back on this again,” claimed Jordan. “So this is just — this is just emblematic of what the Democrats have been like in the Biden administration, they can’t do anything right.”

The continuous mantra from the Biden administration that Americans support the Build Back Better push and the budget reconciliation is annoying many Americans. Very few people know exactly what is in the bill.

Pelosi admitted on Tuesday that the bill will not remain at the $3.5 trillion price tag, calling the original bill “transformative.” The actual cost of the bill is closer to $5 trillion according to some experts. But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from claiming that the bill will cost $0 and they have been routinely lampooned for their deceptive math.

“We had some important decisions to make in the next few days so that we can proceed,” she remarked. “I’m very disappointed that we’re not going with the original $3.5 trillion, which was very transformative, but in whatever we do, we’ll make decisions that will continue to be transformative about women in the workplace.”

The Speaker of the House contends that to bring the costs of the bill down, they would probably reduce “timing.” This may refer to playing games with sunset provisions and other timing issues. It doesn’t reduce the cost, it just appears to do so.

“But it only would be in such a way that does not undermine the transformative nature of it, because some of it has to have enough money in order — to be — have sustainability that is — can be counted on,” she disingenuously stated.

Pelosi is still vowing that the IRS provision that would track all bank transactions over $600 will stay in the bill. Critics call the measure a brutal invasion of privacy and some intimate it is a small bank killer due to the inherent costs.

“Yes there are concerns that some people have, but if people are breaking the law and not paying their taxes, one way to track them is through the bank measure,” she asserted. “I think 600 — that’s a negotiation that will go on, as to what the amount is, but yes.”

A number of states are reportedly asserting that they will not comply with the move.

Biden has made a show of begging the factions within the Democratic Party to come together over the bill.

“My message is simple: we need to stay together, and bound by the values that we hold as a party,” the president said in a three-minute pre-recorded address that was released on Saturday at the Democratic National Committee’s fall meeting.

“Because here’s the deal: we won 2020 as a unified party,” Biden claimed. “And we look to 2022, as we do that, we need to stay unified.”

Pelosi was scathingly mocked for her statements and assertions:


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