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‘The Five’ rips all-talk-no-action Kamala Harris after NASA video: ‘At least she didn’t sniff the kids’ hair’

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On Fox News’ “The Five” Monday, the panel attempted to find some method to the madness of the Biden regime’s handling of the border crisis, having sent the so-called border czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, away from a meeting with Secs. Mayorkas and Blinkin in Mexico and instead to New Jersey on Friday where she and a small group of children shot a particularly “cringe-worthy” video on NASA space exploration.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld was the first to remark on the clip, saying that Harris was “kinda like a cheerleader on Psilocybin,” (the stuff of ‘magic mushrooms’) in the video, of which it has since come out employed child actors to bolster Harris’ insincere and overtly saccharine performance.

He continued, “She is fake. She’s super fake. Remember, she was the one that called Joe Biden the worst thing you could ever call somebody these days, which is racist, and she was asked about it again when she became VP, and she was like, laughing … Ah, that was a debate!’ Calling somebody a racist knowing it’s not true, that’s pretty bad, but I understand why they have her talk about the moon. They want her as far away from any other kinda practical issues. Like, get her to the moon.”

Co-host Dana Perino said the VP’s instincts must necessarily be defective. After all, she is the first female vice president in U.S. history, an accomplishment that comes with great prestige and a position that comes with a lot of power, with which Harris has done nothing. She added that Harris not being at the border with Blinken and Mayorkas, in order to discuss the border, is completely illogical and baffling considering Harris is supposedly in charge of it.

(Video: Fox News)

Of the vice-president’s time in the Senate, Perino said, “She never actually passed a bill. But she showed up at every press conference to talk about the bills that had passed.”

Host Jesse Watters chimed in with, “At least she didn’t sniff the kids’ hair, ” adding, “And, she doesn’t love people that explore the unknown. She’s anti-Columbus!”

He went on to posit two different hypotheses: either the VP was removed from her charge over the border because she went down there and came back with nothing of substance to offer, or, she removed herself knowing she is in way over her head on the border crisis and immigration in general.

Now, Watters said, Joe Biden is basically running down his list of cabinet members and sending each one after the next, hoping one of them can get something done, but naturally not taking any of the responsibility or action himself. President “Buck Stops With Me” has yet to go to the border nine months into his term.

Harris has been noticeably ineffective and all but absent when it comes to her charge of the border, though one could argue that her lack of accomplishments is preferable to her being able to inflict her will on U.S. policy.

Frank Webster


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